Saturday, April 21

Discrete Mathematical Structure MCQ

1. Which one is not set operation?
a. Set difference                   b. Union                     c. Intersection                      d. Proper subset

2. Which is the intersection of set A={a,e,i,o,u} and B={a,b,c,d,e}?
a. {a,e}                                    b. {a}                          c. {b}                                      d. {c}

3. What is the formula for Power set (A), if A has n number of elements?
a. 2n                                       b. 2n                            c. 2n-1                                    d. 2n-1

4. Which is not the property of Binary relation?
a. Reflexive                           b. Symmetric            c. Identity                             d. Transitive

5. How many words can be formed for the word “DISCRETE”?
a. 20160                                 b. 40320                     c. 5040                                   d. None

6. If n is number of holes and m is number of pigeon, then which condition has to be followed by Pigeon-hole principle?
a. n>m                                    b. n                        c. n=m                                    d. n=

7. DeMorgan Law is
a. (a’+b’)=(ab)’                     b. (a’b’)=(a+b)’         c. both                                    d. none

8. Which symbol is known as Universal Quantifier?
a. ∀                                         b. ∃                             c. ∆                                          d. ∁

9. Which symbol is known as existential quantifier?
a. ∀                                         b. ∃                             c. ∆                                          d. ∁

10. P->Q is equivalent to
a. ~PQ                                 b. ~P⋀Q                     c. P⋁~Q                                 d. P⋀~Q

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