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1. Which of the following are components of Central Processing Unit (CPU)?
A.                 Arithmetic logic unit, Mouse
B.                 Arithmetic logic unit, Control unit
C.                  Arithmetic logic unit, Integrated Circuits
D.                 Control Unit, Monitor

2. If a computer provides database services to other, then it will be known as?

A.                 Web server
B.                 Application server
C.                  Database server
D.                 FTP server

3. In which of the following form, data is stored in computer?

A.                 Decimal
B.                 Binary
C.                  HexaDecimal
D.                 Octal

4. Who was the father of Internet?

A.                 Charles Babbage
B.                 Vint Cerf
C.                  Denis Riche
D.                 Martin Cooper

5. What is the name of first super computer of India?

A.                 Saga 220
B.                 PARAM 8000
C.                  ENIAC
D.                 PARAM 6000

6. Which is most common language used in web designing?

A.                 C
B.                 C++
C.                  PHP
D.                 HTML

7. Which among following is odd?

A.                 CD/DVD
B.                 Floppy Disks
C.                  SD Disk
D.                 BIOS

8. Which program is run by BIOS to check hardware components are working? 

A.                 DMOS
B.                 POST
C.                  CMOS
D.                 RIP


9. MPG is a file extension of which type of files?

A.                 Audio
B.                 Image
C.                  Video
D.                 Flash

10. 1 Mega Byte is equal to

A.                 1024 Bytes
B.                 1024 Kilo Bytes
C.                  1024 Giga Bits
D.                 1024 Bits

11.  IP address version 4 is in which format?

A.                 4 bit
B.                 8 bit
C.                  16 bit
D.                 32 bit

12. Who invented C++?

A.                 Steve Jobs
B.                 James Gosling
C.                  Bjarne Stroustrup
D.                 Dennis Ritchie

13. One nibble is equal to how many bits?

A.                 4 bits
B.                 8 bits
C.                  12 bits
D.                 16 bits


14. Which term is related to database?

A.                 PHP
B.                 Java
C.                  Oracle
D.                 Assembly

15. Who invented Java?

A.                 Deniss Ritche
B.                 James Gosling
C.                  Bajarnae
D.                 Linus Torvalds


16. What is full form of HTTP?

A.                 Hyper Transfer Text Protocol
B.                 Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
C.                  Hexagonal Text Transfer Protocol
D.                 Hexagonal Text Transfer Prototype


17. What is the name of a device that converts digital signals to analog signals?

A.                 Router
B.                 Switch
C.                  Modem
D.                 None of above


18. C is what kind of language?

A.                 An assembly language
B.                 A third generation high level language
C.                  A machine language
D.                 Future language

19. Which of the following is a non-volatile memory?

A.                 RAM
B.                 LSI
C.                  VLSI
D.                 ROM

20.  Which is not an operating System?

A.                 Unix
B.                 Linux
C.                  Windows
D.                 Java

21. ++i is equivalent to

A.                 i = i + 2
B.                 i = i + 1
C.                  i = i + i
D.                 i = i - 1


22. Minimum number of stacks of size n required to implement a queue of size n

A.                 One
B.                 Two
C.                  Three
D.                 Four

23. Recursive problem is implemented by

A.                 queues
B.                 stacks
C.                  linked lists
D.                 strings

24. Which of the following name does not relate to stacks?

A.                 FIFO lists
B.                 LIFO list
C.                  Pile
D.                 Push-down lists

Which of the following data structure is linear data structure?

A.                 Trees
B.                 Graphs
C.                  Array
D.                 None of above


26. Attribute of one table matching to the primary key of other table, is called as

A.                 foreign key
B.                 secondary key
C.                  candidate key
D.                 composite key

27. Ascending order of data hierarchy is

A.                 bit->byte->record->field->file->database
B.                 bit->byte->field->record->file->database
C.                  byte->bit->field->record->file->database
D.                 byte->bit->field->file->record->database

28. Data dictionary is a special file that contains

A.                 the names of all fields in all files
B.                 the data types of all fields of all files
C.                  Both of above
D.                 None of above


29. Which of following the problem of thrashing is significantly affected?

A.                 program size
B.                 program structure
C.                  primary storage
D.                 secondary storage

30. Which of following need a device driver

A.                 Cache
B.                 Disk
C.                  Main Memory
D.                 Registers

31. Which of following is not an advantage of multiprogramming?

A.                 increased throughput
B.                 shorter response time
C.                  ability to assign priorities of jobs
D.                 decreased system overload

32. Which of the following memory allocation scheme is subject to external fragmentation?

A.                 Segmentation
B.                 Swapping
C.                  Demand Paging
D.                 Multiple Contiguous Fixed Partition 


33. Spooling is most beneficial where

A.                 Jobs are I/O bound
B.                 Jobs are CPU bound
C.                  Jobs are evenly divided as I/O bound and CPU bound
D.                 All of above

34. In which of the following usually a front end processor is used?

A.                 Virtual storage
B.                 Timesharing
C.                  Multiprogramming
D.                 Multithreading


35. Banker's algorithm for resource allocation deals with?

A.                 deadlock prevention
B.                 deadlock avoidance
C.                  deadlock recovery
D.                 circular wait


36. Which scheduling policy is most suitable for time shared operating system?

A.                 Shortest job first
B.                 FCFS
C.                  LCFS
D.                 Round robin

37. Belady anomaly occurs in?

A.                 LIFO
B.                 FIFO
C.                  LRU
D.                 NRU

38. What is a page fault?

A.                 is an spelling error in a page in memory
B.                 reference to a page which is in another program
C.                  is an access to a page not currently in memory
D.                 always occurs whenever a page is accessed from memory

39. Break statement is used for

A.                 Quit a program
B.                 Quit the current iteration
C.                  Both of above
D.                 None of above


40. Continue statement used for

A.                 To continue to the next line of code
B.                 To stop the current iteration and begin the next iteration from the beginning
C.                  To handle run time error
D.                 None of above

41. What will be output of
void main()
char test =`S`;

A.                 S
B.                 Error
C.                  Garbage value
D.                 None of above


42. What will be the output of following program
int x,y = 10;
x = y * NULL;

A.                 error
B.                 0
C.                  10
D.                 Garbage value


43. Difference between calloc() and malloc()

A.                 calloc() takes a single argument while malloc() needs two arguments
B.                 malloc() takes a single argument while calloc() needs two arguments
C.                  malloc() initializes the allocated memory to ZERO
D.                 calloc() initializes the allocated memory to NULL


44. total number of keywords in C are

A.                 30
B.                 32
C.                  48
D.                 132

45. Which operator in c++ can't be overloaded

A.                 %
B.                 +
C.                  ::
D.                 -

46. Which operator has the highest priority

A.                 ()
B.                 []
C.                  *
D.                 /

47. Difference between structure and union is

A.                 We can define functions within structures but not within a union
B.                 We can define functions within union but not within a structure
C.                  The way memory is allocated
D.                 There is no difference

48.  printf() belongs to which library of c

A.                 stdlib.h
B.                 stdio.h
C.                  stdout.h
D.                 stdoutput.h


49. All members of class have which DEFAULT access to its members

A.                 private
B.                 public
C.                  protected
D.                 depends

50. Constructor is

A.                 A class automatically called whenever a new object of this class is created
B.                 A class automatically called whenever a new object of this class is destroyed
C.                  A function automatically called whenever a new object of this class is created
D.                 A function automatically called whenever a new object of this class is destroyed

51. Which of the following cannot be inherited from the base class

A.                 Constructor
B.                 Friend
C.                  Both A and B cannot be inherited
D.                 Both A and B can be inherited

52. What is the value of sizeof(char)

A.                 1
B.                 2
C.                  4
D.                 8

53. Which arithmetic operation can be done in pointer

A.                 Multiplication
B.                 Division
C.                  Addition
D.                 None of above

54. What is inheritance

A.                 Inheritance allows one class to reuse the state and behavior of another class.
B.                 It deals with dangling pointers
C.                  It deals with void pointers
D.                 It is type of class declaration

55. What is abstract class

A.                 Whose objects can’t be created
B.                 Whose objects can be created
C.                  Depends on class
D.                 None of above

56. What is polymorphism

A.                 Ability to take more than one form
B.                 Ability to destroy destructor
C.                  Ability to create constructor
D.                 None of above

57. OSI reference model has how many layers

A.                 4
B.                 5
C.                  7
D.                 3

58. Framing is done on which layer

A.                 Datalink Layer
B.                 Physical Layer
C.                  Transport Layer
D.                 Application Layer


59. Which layer deals with Flow control

A.                 Session Layer
B.                 Network Layer
C.                  Transport Layer
D.                 Application Layer

60. MAC address is of how many bits

A.                 24 bit
B.                 32 bit
C.                  48 bit

D.                 128 bit

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