Friday, June 18

Software Engg. - III

1) Business model is the part of designing phase of software engineering development life cycle
a. True
b. False

2) The state transition diagram
a. depicts relationships between data objects
b. depicts functions that transform the data flow
c. indicates how data are transformed by the system
d. indicates system reactions to external events

3) The best way to conduct a requirements validation review is to
a. Examine the system
b. Have the customer look over the requirements
c. Send them to the design team
d. Use checklist to examine the questions

4) The system specification describes the
a. Function, performance and constraints of a computer-based system
b. implementation of each allocated system
c. time required for simulation
d. element software architecture

5) For each of the following given Requirement indicate whether it is Functional (F) or Non-Functional (N) Requirement.
a. The System should be designed so it can later be extended to a Blue Line
reservation System.(N)
b. The System will allow the user to view the layout of seats in Bus.(F)
c. The System must be available at all times.(N)
d. A given seat can be assigned to only one person.(F)

6)Both the software engineer and customer take an active role in software requirements engineering-a set of activities that is often referred to as Requirement_______________
a. Managing
b. Recognition
c. Analysis
d. Modeling

7)_________ is a measure of independence of a module or component.
a. Cohesion
b. Coupling
c. Loop coupling
d. Loop cohesion

8) In the Functional design, the structure of the system revolves around __________
a. Functions
b. Sequences
c. Models
d. Flows

9)Use case is the part of designing phase of software engineering
a. True
b. False

10) Three categories of risks are
a. Business, personnel risks, budget risks
b. project risks, technical risks, business risks
c. planning risks, technical risks, personnel risks
d. management risks, technical risks, design risks

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