Thursday, January 28

IT Fundamental-IV

1. A group of interrelated or interacting elements forming a unified whole can be best defined as:
a. Communication technologies.
b. An information system.
c. A company network.
d. Interorganizational system.

2. The majority of organizations today would be classified as:
a. Open nonadaptive systems.
b. Closed nonadaptive systems.
c. Open adaptive systems.
d. Closed adaptive systems.

3. Which one of the following would NOT be considered a good example of information?
a. The company's forklift operator's social security number is 456-38-1276.
b. The retail price of blue widgets is $28.99.
c. The company owes $3,847 to vendor number 10782.
d. The numbers 12367892, 436897458, and 837621984.

4. In the internetworked e-business enterprise, an extranet refers to:
a. A network inside the enterprise.
b. A network between an enterprise and its trading partners.
c. A local area network within the enterprise.
d. A wide area network within the enterprise.

5. A manager needs to have summary sales information by product line available to her on a timely basis when purchasing decisions need to be made. The type of information system most likely to provide this information is a:
a. Management information system.
b. Decision support system.
c. Transaction processing system.
d. Process control system.

6. A physician wants an information system that can help in the diagnosis of rare diseases by suggesting diagnostic procedures and help in interpreting the symptoms that are found. This type of information system is called a(n):
a. End user information system.
b. Integrated information system.
c. Executive information system.
d. Expert system.

7. Developing new products and services that are fundamentally different from the way business has been conducted in an industry would be considered a(n):
a. Cost leadership strategy.
b. Innovation strategy.
c. Product differentiation strategy.
d. Strategic dominance strategy.

8. Establishing new business linkages and alliances with customers, suppliers, and competitors is an example of a(n):
a. Alliance strategy.
b. Differentiation strategy.
c. Innovation strategy.
d. Gowth strategy.

9. Charles Schwab & Company's use of online discount stock trading is an example of the way in which a firm can use strategic information system technology. Their primary competitive strategy was to:
a. Establish cost leadership.
b. Improve operational efficiency.
c. Promote business innovation.
d. Build strategic information resources.

10. The value chain views a series, chain, or network of basic activities that add value to products and services. One of the primary activities in a firm's "value chain" typically includes:
a. Outbound logistics.
b. Procurement of resources.
c. Human resource management.
d. Technology development.

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