Sunday, November 1

Computer Fundamental-VII

1. Special effect used to introduce slides in a presentation are called
a. Effect
b. Custom animation
c. Transition
d. Animation

2. Computers send and receive data in the form of ____________ signals.
a. Analog
b. Digital
c. Modulated
d. All of the above

3. Most World Wide Web pages contain commands in the language.
a. NIH
b. URL
d. IRC

4. _____________ are graphical objects used to represent commonly used application.
a. GUI
b. Drivers
c. Windows
d. Icons

5. Which of the following operating systems is not owned and licensed by a company?
a. Unix
b. Linux
c. Windows 2000
d. Mac

6. In any window, the maximize button, the minimize button and the close button appears on
a. the title bar
b. menu bar
c. status bar
d. tool bar

7. Which is the slowest internet connection service?
a. Digital subscriber line
b. T1
c. Dial up service
d. Cable modem

8. Every component of your computer is either
a. Software of CPU/RAM
b. Hardware or software
c. Application software or system software
d. Input devices or output devices

9. Checking that a pin code number is valid before it is entered into the system in an example of
a. Error connection
b. Backup and recovery
c. Data preparation
d. Data validation

10. A compiler translates higher-level programs into a machine language program, which is called
a. Source code
b. Object code
c. Compiled code
d. Beta code

11. A field that uniquely identifies which person, thing or event the recode describes is a
a. File
b. Data
c. Field
d. Key

12. The ability to find an individual item in a file immediately
a. Sequential access
b. File allocation table
c. Direct access
d. Directory

13. Computers connected to a LAN can
a. Run faster
b. Go on line
c. Email
d. Share information and/or share devices

14. A CD-RW disk
a. Has a faster access than an internal disk
b. Is a form of optical disk, so it an only be written once
c. Holds less data than a floppy disk
d. Can be erased and rewritten

15. The two major categories of software include
a. Operating system and utility
b. Personal productivity and system
c. System and application
d. System and utility

16. Windows 95, windows 98 and windows NT are known as
a. Processors
b. Domain names
c. Modems
d. Operating system

17. Information on a computer is stored as
a. Analog data
b. Digital data
c. Modem data
d. Watts data

18. To take information from one source and bring it to your computer is referred to as
a. Upload
b. Download
c. Transfer
d. De-link

19. A program that works like a calculator for keeping track of money and making budgets
a. Calculator
b. Keyboard
c. Spreadsheets
d. Scholastic

20. Each box in a spreadsheet is called
a. Cell
b. Empty space
c. Record
d. Field

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