Sunday, June 27

IT Fundamental - X

1. On the motherboard (the) … is the temporary computer memory area in which data can be stored.
a. expansion slot
b. math co-processor
c. RAM

2. The device used in a data communication network to perform the conversion between analogue and digital signals, is called a …
a. front end processor.
b. modem.
c. decoder.
d. multiplexer.

3.If you look carefully at the motherboard, you will notice that some chips are soldered to the board whilst others are plugged into the board. The removable chips allow you to ...
a. add extra power sources to your computer.
b. integrate the ALU and the system clock unit.
c. re-arrange the layout of your motherboard.
d. upgrade your computer components.

4. The Internet offers different services. Which one listed below is incorrect?
a. Chat room
b. Electronic mail
c. Off line shopping
d. World Wide Web

5. The Internet is ...
a. a global network of computers networks.
b. a government-owned agency that links computers.
c. software for sending e-mail around the world.
d. a specialised form of local area network.

6. The CPU deals with each instruction in a cycle. The sequence of instructions to carry out one machine instruction is called the instruction or machine cycle. The first action is to fetch the instruction from memory and then the program counter is updated (reset). The other three phases of the machine cycle in the correct order are:
a. Decode the instruction; Execute the instruction; Transfer the data.
b. Decode the instruction; Transfer the data; Execute the instruction.
c. Execute the instruction; Decode the instruction; Transfer the data.
d. Transfer the data; Execute the instruction; Decode the instruction.

7. When the electrical power is disrupted or cut off, data and programs are lost in/on (the) ...
a. basic tools.
b. hard disk.
c. memory.
d. secondary storage.

8. The communication bus which is used to fetch the address of an instruction from memory is called the …
a. address bus.
b. control bus.
c. data bus.
d. fetch bus.

9. Read Only Memory (ROM)
i. Is volatile
ii. Is programmable
iii. Is mounted on the mother board
iv. Contains the bootstrap loader
a. i and iii
b. i, ii and iv
c. ii, iii and iv
d. iii and iv

10. An online meeting allows users to ...
a. determine the receiver's geographic location.
b. leave voice messages for one or two people.
c. print to a web address that is associated to a particular printer.
d. share documents with others in real time.

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