Monday, February 22

IT Fundamental-V

1. One type of system software, the operating system __________.
a. contains instructions that coordinate a computer's activities
b. is only important when a computer processes information
c. is not loaded into memory when a computer is first turned on
d. is loaded into memory from a floppy disk each time a computer is turned on

2. Application software can be used __________.
a. as a productivity/business tool and to facilitate communications
b. to assist with graphics and multimedia projects
c. to support household activities, for personal business, or for education
d. all of the above

3. A(n) __________ is a graphical element (usually rectangular or circular in shape) that can be clicked to cause a specific action to take place.
a. button
b. icon
c. menu
d. window

4. An application can be started by __________.
a. dragging its icon over the Start button
b. pointing at a command followed by an arrow
c. clicking its program name on a menu or submenu
d. all of the above

5. __________ involves developing a word processing document by entering text or numbers, inserting graphical images, and performing other tasks using an input device.
a. Creating
b. Editing
c. Formatting
d. Printing

6. To cut involves removing a portion of a document and electronically storing it in a temporary storage location called the __________.
a. Warehouse
b. Cupboard
c. Desktop
d. Clipboard

7.__________ involves changing the appearance of a word processing document.
a. Creating
b. Editing
c. Formatting
d. Printing

8. A __________ is a special window displayed by a program to provide information, present available options, or request a response.
a. menu
b. dialog box
c. title bar
d. submenu

9. Wizards are __________.
a. answers to questions that people frequently ask about an application
b. the electronic equivalent of a user manual, usually integrated into an application software package
c. step-by-step instructions using real examples to show how to use an application
d. automated assistants that help complete a task by asking questions and performing actions based on the answers

10. The __________ entered in a spreadsheet cell identifies the data and helps organize the worksheet.
a. label
b. value
c. formula
d. function

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